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Water~Stone Review is a literary annual published by the Hamline University Creative Writing Programs. The review publishes work in all genres as well as essay/reviews and writers’ interviews.


US subscription rates for individuals are $50 for two years, plus shipping and handling. Subscription rates for institutions are $25 for one year, $48 for two years. Single copies of current issue: $25. Visit the WSR Shop page to subscribe. 

The ‘Water~Stone,’ known in alchemy as the ‘Philosopher’s Stone,’ was composed of the four elements of earth, fire, air and water. The stone was supposed by alchemists to possess the property of changing base metals into gold, the most perfect of all metals. It was thought to combine within itself matter and spirit, or body and soul: a union of opposites in perfect harmony. Water~Stone connotes the dynamic, transformative power of literature, as well as the search for beauty and perfection at work in the hearts of aspiring writers. The logo type for Water~Stone is based on a hybrid of two ancient alchemic symbols: one for the amalgam of all elements, and the second for the element of water as a pure and dynamic force. The amalgam is a reference to the multi-genre, interdisciplinary nature of the creative writing programs at Hamline.


Do I have to be a published writer to submit to Water~Stone Review?
No. WSR publishes emerging as well as well-known writers.

What happens if I send my submission before or after the reading dates?
If you send your submission before October 1, Water~Stone Review will most likely return your submission. If you send your submission after November 1, we cannot accept it and will have to recycle it.

Who gets a complimentary copy of Water~Stone Review?
All contributors receive two complimentary copies of that issue of Water~Stone Review.

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