Meet the Editors: New Assistant Managing Editor, Jenn Sisko

by Oct 10, 2023

This introduction is a little late, seeing as I took on the position of Assistant Managing Editor in the waning days of May. However, these last few months have given me the time to learn my way around Water~Stone, and comes just in time for our next edition, Volume 26, to be released.

Cover by Aaron Wojack

I’m someone who enjoyed the turning of season, the cusp of something new—even as I dread change. Perhaps that’s why I love writing, which is something both fluid and timeless, both ever-changing and yet it’s hard to get those ink stains out of the tablecloth permanent. I’ve often been on the other side of the page, the side of creating, molding, editing, and restarting; only recently have I discovered the magic of production and publication.

And the production and publishing side of writing is, indeed, magic. Dealing with the various aspects of it might be a roller coaster (as you can see by the cover picture of Volume 26) of deadlines and red lines, of decisions and precision. But it’s worth it for the end result. As my brilliant predecessor, Robyn Earhart, put it, coming to Hamline was like finding a new home; I echo that sentiment, as finding a place in Water~Stone Review was that for me.

It’s an honor to work on this journal, to uplift the amazing storytellers who join us in this Review’s quarter of a century (plus) history, to learn from the incredible Meghan Maloney-Vinz, and to release these tales and treasures to you and to readers everywhere.

I’m ready for this next chapter.

White person in grey hat, green shirt, and grey pants, crouching in front of water.Jenn is a fiction writer with a love for the speculative and a deep affection for sonnets. She serves as Assistant Managing Editor of Production for MAYDAY, and as Fiction Editor for Upper New Review. A grad student at Hamline, she is working towards an MFA in creative writing.


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