• Matt Rasmussen was awarded a Pushcart Prize for his poem, “After Suicide.” published in our 2012, vol. 15 WSR. We also received two special mentions for “Dinosaur Bones” by Evan Morgan Williams and the Meridel LeSueur Essay, “Ruth Stone’s Funeral” by Toi Derricotte.

  • Our annual publication reading was Friday, Nov. 8 at Sundin Hall on the Hamline University campus. Local contributors Natalie Vestin, Lee Colin Thomas, Jenny McDougal, Kyle Adamson, Alida Winternheimer, Laura Flynn, Melanie Richards, Robert Grunst, Carolyn Williams-Noren, Sonja Sharp,  Mike Rollin, Amy McCann, Ethan Marxhausen and Jan Petitt were on hand to read selections of their work published in this year’s journal. There was a reception in the lobby of the hall after the reading.  Check the WSR Facebook page for event photos.

  • Volume 16, Forms of Wanting, will debut at the Twin Cities Literary Festival, October 12, 2013.  The official volume launch party and reading will be held on Friday Nov. 8 at 7 p.m. at Hamline University’s Sundin Hall. Visit Hamline site for more information.

  • Our annual publication reading (2012) was fantastic! A special thanks to Tim Nolan, Heid Erdrich, Matt Rasmussen, Sharon Chmielarz, Anastasia Faunce, Martha Meek, Amir Hussain, Kathleen Weihe, and Morgan Grayce Willow.  Check the WSR Facebook page for event photos.

  •  “A Miniature Contest of Very Brief Writing,” created and curated by Diminutive Presence, and supported by WSR and The Creative Writing Programs at Hamline University, announce the content winners. See their work here.

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