wsrFAViWSR is proud to announce its 2015 Pushcart nominations; congratulations to Leslie Harrington (poetry), Michael Bazzett (poetry), Chelsey Clammer (CNF), Jennie Goode (CNF),  Shobha Roa (fiction), and Christy Jordon-Fenton (fiction).

Designed by Aimee Gauthier and Camille Morehead of DesignWorks at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design.

Cover photograph by Lydo Elyse Le
Untitled, 2013

Copyedited and proofread by Anne Kelley Conklin.


volume 17 gallery

Solicited and curated by the DesignWorks studio at Minneapolis College of Art and Design.

Improbable Boundaries
Volume 17 (2014)

Mary François Rockcastle (Executive), Meghan Maloney-Vinz (Managing), Katrina Vandenberg (Poetry), Mary François Rockcastle (Fiction), Patricia Weaver Francisco (CNF).

Assistant Editors
Allegra Lingo, Kate Lucas, Sarah Van, Jordan Wiklund

Production Assistant
Casie Cook

With gratitude to the students of the Editorial Board.


Unleashed, Shobha Rao
Work Release, Michael Pikna
Ghost Dance, Christy Jordan-Fenton
How Julio Became King, Suzanne McConnell
Nuclear Summer, Seth Borgen
Flock of Birds, E.A. Farro
The 15th Annual Anniversary, Xu Xi



The Long Silence, Kathleen McGookey
First Ballad from the Labyrinth, Paula Cisewski
Etude #1, 
Paula Cisewski
Confabulation, David Moolten
The Cells–The Moon, Cary Waterman
Thomas Jefferson, Camille Norton
History, Michael Bazzett
In the Land of My Fathers, 
Michael Bazzett
The Secret of Maps III, Lisa J. Cihlar
The River of Night, Marjorie Bruhmuller
Leaving May Clinic, Molly Spencer
[Memento mori], Leslie Harrison
Leslie Harrison
Leslie Harrison
Please hold me the forgotten way, Athena Kildegaard
Maybe just as clouds make their own streets, Monica Berlin and Marzoni
En plein air the fields themselves, 
Monica Berlin and Marzoni
Polaroid of You and Jack Brisco, W. Todd Kaneko
Wile E. Coyote, Seth Brady Tucker
Annus Ordinarius, Dan Albergotti
New Day, 
Dan Albergotti
The Figure, Kara Olson
Manhattan Song, Phillip Dacey
approximately never, John Fry
as Jonah, hours into the third night, wondered
John Fry
Exile, Holly Karapetkova
Hostaget, Jehanne Dubrow
At first, only awe. Now I see a little, Su Smallen
I saw you yesterday, 
Su Smallen
in midmarch, Mark Conway
Between Poems, Jason Tandon
The Promised Land, Philip Bryant
Perspective Dreaming, Jackie Craven
Now It’s December, Matthew Thorburn
In the bluing street, Daneen Wardrop

Creative Nonfiction

A Striking Resemblance, Chelsea Clammer
American Standard, Tami Mohamed Brown
Mock Orange, Sonja Livingston
What We Wouldn’t Give for a Willa, Jan Pettit
A Certain Loneliness, Sandra Gail Lambert
Who We Are, Keith Lesmeister
Cleaning Up for DSS, Deborah Gold

Meridel Le Seur Essay

The Hymn of Him, Brian Doyle

Judith Kitchen Creative Nonfiction Prize

Rainier Valley Notebook, Jennie Goode


With Benjamin Percy, Mary François Rockcastle and Stephanie Chrismon

Book Review

The Inward Stage, Stan Sanvel Rubin


Open. Shut. Open. Folio curated by Minneapolis College of Art & Design 

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