volume 18 waterstone review

ISSN 1520-4576
ISBN 978-1-934458-6-1

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Designed by Eric Yevak of of DesignWorks at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design.

Cover photograph by Cameron Wittig,
Smile Milwaukee, 2013

Copyedited and proofread by Anne Kelley Conklin.


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All We Cannot Alter
Volume 18 (2015)

Mary François Rockcastle (Executive), Meghan Maloney-Vinz (Managing), Katrina Vandenberg (Poetry),
Sheila O’Connor and Mary François Rockcastle (Fiction), Patricia Weaver Francisco (Creative Nonfiction) .

Assistant Editors
Sarah Howard, Jess Mansour Scherman, Nicodemus Taranovsky

General Operations Assistant
Jenniey Tallman

Production Assistant
Chelsea DeLong

With gratitude to the students of the Editorial Board.



Joey, Kathleen Donahoo 
Up Dell Drive, Sara Reish Desmond
Doutone Portrait of a Dragonfly, R.T. Jamison
An Exaltation of Larks, Theodore McCombs 
As You Are Now, Jeff P. Jones 


Bubbles, Paisley Rekdal
Suckling, Jenna Le
Now Then, Morgan Grayce Willow 
The Castle That Grew Up In The Orchard, Susan Marie Swanson 
Pillowcases, Susan Marie Swanson
Sick Again, Mary Angelino 
Breakfast with My Sister, James Cihlar 
Portrait in Pepsi Cans and Ice Cubes, Lisa Higgs 
From Sea to Shining, Gianna Russo 
Indiana Corn, Lee Colins Thomas 
This Life We’ve Earned, Adam Clay 
Williamsburg, Kentucky, Adam Scheffler 
SS Eastland Capsizes In the Chicago River, 1914, Renny Golden
Is This What Poets Do? Elizabeth Oness 
crab — shell, Emily Grelle 
a double purple web with rose design:, Angie Macri 
Heart Triptych, Caitlin Bailey 
Tendencies of Walls, Jamaal May
Bogue Falaya Death Barge, Alison Pelegrin 
Considering ‘The Ecstasy of Saint Teresa’, Mary Cisper 
Cochineal, Mary Cisper
February Twenty-Ninth, Brandon Krieg 
It’s not your normal eclipse
           says one blinded by it, Matt Mauch
The Spanish Poet, Ray Gonzalez 
The Reminder, Jason Tandon 
Golden Wheel, Dore Kisselbach
Effigy, Dore Kisselbach
Frank’s Nursery and Crafts, Bao Phi 
In A New Town for an Old Friend’s Funeral, Carolyn Williams-Noren 
Light on Fire, Claudia F. Savage 
Enough, Kris Bigalk 
Translation Problems, Todd Davis 
Song for the Source, Michael Kleber-Diggs
The Bowl, Marsh Muirhead 


The Café Book, Charisse Coleman 
Goomey and Aflow, Paul Van Dyke 
On The Death of a Difficult Parent, Judith Pulman 
Consolation, Sarah Elizabeth Turner 
R.I.P Anita, Billy Middleton 
The Quickening, Katrin Gibb 
Faith/ A Travelogue, Marlene Olin 

Mood Rooms, Mary Cappello

With Jamaal May, Katrina Vandenberg & Taylor (Doc) Burkard 

Enlargement, Stan Sanvel Rubin 
We Do Not Know Alone, Laura Flynn 

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